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Holiday apartment Cavalo Preto Luxury Beach Resort in Quarteira Algarve.
Here in Cavalo Preto Luxury Beach Resort you can find a good place to enjoy your vacancies in Algarve Apartment for your nice holidays in Quarteira Algarve.

With the valuable contribution of archeology, it is known today that the presence of man in the municipality of Loulé dates back to the Old Paleolithic. In the following millennia, during the period of the Metal Age, the incursion of the Eastern Mediterranean peoples, which progressively penetrate the Southwest Peninsular, intensifies and culminates with the arrival of the Phoenicians and Carthaginians who founded the first trading posts on the Council’s seafront. by promoting fishing, prospecting for metallurgy and commercial activity.

The name Quarteira, according to reasoned readings, comes from the word “CARTEIA”, which was a Roman and formerly Carthaginian village of large trade of salt, fish and dried fish. According to some historians, Wallet was founded in the year 504 BC. The last remnant of this ancient village could no longer be seen after the 1755 tsunami. It was in this ancient village that there was a prison, where it is said that Pompêo’s son defeated by Caesar near MUNDA sought refuge and conquer 30 galleys (frigates) – this at the time when Carteia was still a Carthaginian village. Later, allied with the Roman empire, she also sought refuge in Lelio and his squad after African Sepion had taken Carthagena. Carteia was equally recognized by “TARTESSO” or the Tartesso people, others also hailed it from Carteya.

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The Quarteira, Cavalo Preto by portugalestate is in a private complex, just 150 metres from Cavalo Preto Beach. This luxury apartment in the Algarve features a green garden and an outdoor swimming pool.

Rua do Poço Romano
8125 Quarteira
Algarve Portugal

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